The 700 Club, Pat Robertson, Tim Tebow, Kristi Watts: Fox Tarts

Posted by Gary Brian Cole

Kristi Watts:

My mother occasionally watched The 700 Club. Not regularly, but I remember the flashy logo as a child. Pat Robertson’s winning formula included prayer, engaging the audience by looking into the camera and the ever-present 800 number. The money just rolled in. Last night I stumbled across The 700 Club for the first time in years. Robertson is of course much older; his skin is almost transparent. He struggles to find his words. He speaks in fits and starts. But he’s a learned man…most wealthy men are. Putting his money-grubbing persona aside, Pat Robertson is an eloquent teacher.

A report aired examining Spain’s fiscal emergency. Foreclosures consume the socialist population. Unemployment is 25%— these are depression levels. Over 53% of people under 25 are unemployed–they’ll never hold a job. The welfare state crushes innovation and self-reliance with confiscatory taxation. Some Spaniards speak of leaving–one young man mentioned Iceland. Like Texas Carpetbaggers, this man will always vote Socialist Democrat.

Iceland has its own problems. Let him stay home and face the consequences of his entitlement mentality. For now, Americans can flee leftist sinkholes for greener pastures. States retain sovereign rights, set their own property taxes, sales tax and state income tax. Federalism is foreign to Europe. Madrid lords over every Spaniard. From Seville to Barcelona, there’s no escaping the Cortes Generales.

After the report, Robertson looked into the camera and traced Spain’s storied history. He raved about her once great armies and ancient Roman heritage. He celebrated Spanish art, Spanish music and Spanish food. Robertson recounted how Spain’s gold fever opened up the New World. Today that glory is long gone. The Euro (managed by socialists) crushed Europe’s smaller economies. The PIGS–Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece are insolvent. But their collapse stems from more than Euro mismanagement. Most Spaniards demand lifetime entitlements much like American Democrats. Cradle to grave mediocrity is the Spanish Dream. Without American protection and influence, a dictator would tap into populist sentiment and plunder the country. Or France would invade. Pick your poison.

After the history lesson, Robertson turned to his co-host. I almost choked. Producer Kristi Watts, slathered in makeup and vanity, spoke for the Lord. A woman with wild hair and pancake makeup considers herself Christian. Cleopatra would frown on Watts’ humungous earrings. Her arched eyebrows and eye shadow begs for a man’s attention. And of course she’s black. Nothing about Watts speaks of a godly woman. Wanting the Queen of Sheba, Robertson hired Jezebel’s handmaiden. Now he’s stuck with her. She’s been there since 1999.

Watts was refreshingly pleasant and welcoming. Happy, cheery… a woman thrilled to have her job. She had an endearing laugh. Robertson, predicting total European collapse, asked her opinion. She said everything would be fine. She had hope. The Spanish would pull through. I actually believed her.

It’s my hope that Watts expels the whore clown that’s consumed her soul. How can Christians watch her and not feel betrayed? Vanity and ostentation are anathema to Biblical teachings. Loose women are stoned and condemned to hell. Ultimately, Roger Ailes’ mighty hand counters even the Lord’s work. Robertson allowed it and will answer to God sooner than later.

Christian women historically wear red:

Watts before the Porn Age consumed her soul:

The arbitrator of equal scorn for both Left and Right, Time dedicated a cover to Robertson:

Kristi isn’t popular among radical blacks:

Nothing about Tim Tebow is godly–the Bible doesn’t promote or endorse overt sexuality. Once Christians were models of modesty and American decorum. Today Leftist values and the Porn Age consumes 21st century churches. Tim Tebow would expose the top of his pubic hair if possible:

This looks to be a good Christian girl:

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