GOP Stands Firm Against Gays and Mormons, Bolsheviks Seize Power 1

Posted by Gary Cole and Stan Schulz

Woe to Republicans. Women and minorities refuse to support them. Whites are dwindling in numbers. Reagan voters are dying out. Dazed and confused, Republicans act as if it’s business as usual. Time is running out. After a century of subversion, Democrats taste victory. Obamacare put America on the path to bona fide socialism.

Democrats demand everything of the people. Our money, guns and bodies are state property. Under Obama, churches are a target. Democrats attack Catholics over birth control, freedom of religion be damned. Courtesy of Manhattan liberals, Mormons have their own Broadway show. The Baptists and evangelicals are next. All hail social justice .

Democrats loathe tax exempt churches. Once unthinkable, Washington now dreams of seizure. It’s a new age. America has a socialist President and communist wing in Congress. Democrats target everyone…even their duped constituents will die insolvent. It’s ugly out there. Yet gays and abortion consume Baptist evangelicals.

I remember Baptists growing up. They own brick churches with six front doors. New Cadillacs sparkle in the parking lot. Baptist women wear heavy makeup and flashy jewelry. They pray to the Lord in skirts. I saw a man smoking on the church steps. Although a licentious people, Baptists keep a hit list of moral enemies. They especially hate Mormons.

TBN’s Terry Meeuwsen must be cautious. Painted women are an abomination.


1 Peter 3:3-4

“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

Who are these evangelicals who sabotaged Romney’s campaign? Those who pick and choose from the Bible and fight abortion as if they want more thugs. I dare say that they live in white neighborhoods. Evangelicals judge others from behind their Baptist bars. They’re agitators who hate gays more than the Harvard faculty.

Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas symbolizes the snake’s head. Affluent whites make up his congregation. They’re a vain, worldly people judging from within a segregated bubble. No blacks allowed. As a gay man, I’m definitely uninvited. No one is welcome but them. Many evangelicals believe that once you’re baptized, you’re saved. Other than homosexuality, life is about pleasure.

For years church goers got away with it. They’d stay home and not vote out of spite. Or they supported Mike Huckabee, a liberal governor who grovels for mainstream acceptance. Evangelicals despise Mitt Romney for being a filthy Mormon. Robert Jeffress called Mormonism a cult. As Romney battled Obama for America’s soul, the Baptists torpedoed his campaign.

Too late

After Romney’s nomination, Jeffress grudgingly backed him. In the cover of darkness, Billy Graham removed Mormonism as a cult from his website. He faced a backlash. But it was too late. White liberals and Hollywood had their boy. Because of spite, evangelicals allowed the God-hating Barack Obama a second term.

Country comes first in my home and I have enemies on both sides. Society despises homosexuals. Democrats feign tolerance but only want money. Gay Democrats are liberals first and prone to hero-worship. Gay Republicans worry about money. Fiscal restraint replaces God and country. Not surprisingly, I don’t go out much. I’m at home with my partner of twelve years. Our anniversary is the Mayan Apocalypse. Either we survive or the world explodes.

Against all reason, Jeffress abhors gays more than Harvard Bolsheviks. Even as Obama implemented socialized medicine, Baptists targeted gay marriage. Gay marriage is a farce to undermine the already dying family. Yet families were awash in porn, rap and divorced parents long before gay marriage. But none of it really matters anymore. America has shifted away from freedom. Gay marriage is peanuts compared to death panels. A truce might be in order.

But it won’t happen. The smugness of evangelicals is suffocating. Romney is a patriot who loves his country. Obama doesn’t. Romney should be President. Self-righteous evangelicals said no, we hate him. Recently a Michael Medved caller bragged that he didn’t vote. He complained that Sarah Palin wasn’t invited to the convention.

This was a mistake on Romney’s part; Palin fires up millions of people. Because of her absence and Romney’s religion, three million ingrates didn’t vote. Like prideful devils, they’ve forsaken us all. Huge tax hikes are coming for everyone. The dollar falls every day. The nation is browning. But it’s all about gays and abortion. And Mormonism.

What to do, what to do…

The 2012 elections are over. Republicans lost. Despite the GOP’s shock, the illiterate masses aren’t surprised. Most see Republicans as the villainous “others.” They’re war-mongering, misogynistic and religious fanatics. Most Americans (largely politically ignorant) are default Democrats. To them, Republicans exist to serve the rich. This stems from their patrician nominees and myopic focus on social issues.

The old rules no longer apply. The average schmo sees the world through glasses prescribed by the Left. Understanding the bankrupting policies of Democrats is too complicated for Millennials. It’s become 1% versus the 99%. To most Americans, 100% of the 1% are Republican.

Hollywood and the media control the language. Democrats couldn’t buy that kind of power. Republicans never challenge this. Pastor Jeffress fiddles, pretending to care about minority fetuses. Romney should manage the economy. Thanks to Jeffress, he isn’t. Evangelicals turned off a vital spigot to victory. The media and Hollywood never eats their own. They demanded Obama and got him.

The Tea Party, rather than create a revolution, served as a curtain for social conservatives. The Tea Party put their power behind shaky candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Ken Buck and Carl Palladio. Each one had abominable pasts or, with victory in sight, voiced personal stands on social issues. O’Donnell’s loss was doubly painful. A long-held Republican Senate seat went with her.

As the movement grew, the Tea Party supported notorious so-cons. Michelle Bachman hated gays but adopted black babies. Perry called us “heartless” for not supporting amnesty. Take that, evangelicals! And Jim DeMint, after swearing to fight on, jumped ship for the Heritage Foundation. Each one fought for themselves and not America. Evangelicals are self-loving narcissists, a trait associated with homosexuals.

In order to ignite revolution, participants must end some loyalties and forge new ones. None of these candidates severed their ties to social conservative organizations. Their revolution was a farce. The Left forbids attacking rap culture and illegal immigration. That leaves the Right with only gays and abortion. And Mormonism.

America’s Future

Bad Call

In lieu of reality, the Republican primaries witnessed candidates pandering to social conservatives. The Mormon Wars raged for months. Gays and abortion joined with birth control. The recently repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell created packs of pogroms for the press to attack. After the election, Romney blamed government handouts for his failure. People on both sides called him racist. Shame on all of them. Everyone knows he’s right. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Had Romney won, he’d owe nothing to Baptists.

To Democrats, misogynists are welcome in Republican circles. Todd Akin of Missouri debated legitimate rape on TV. Akin allowed Obamacare’s strongest proponent, Claire McCaskill, to keep her seat. People may hate gays but they’ll hate Obamacare more. Sad times are coming. The argument used by Republicans, that the election was about jobs and spending, proved foolhardy. Personal vendettas came first. The GOP divided itself among evangelicals and establishment Republicans. And look what happened!

The Republican base has failed America in the two past elections. That’s not a base. They aren’t our friends. Having a base you can’t count on is madness. Republicans bowed and scraped during the primaries for evangelical money. The masses watched this unfold through the mainstream media lens. And on Election Day, they stayed home. That’s not love of country. And it’s winning elections for Democrats!

My partner and I read the Bible almost daily. It condemns more than just the gays. Whores and rebellious sons may be stoned. Today’s painted daughters and lazy sons are hell bound. Mega-church conservatives shall die poor as Jesus. The folly of their crusades allowed American communists to seize power. Pride will keep them out of heaven. Here on earth, we’ll all stand in line at the free clinic. Blacks, gays, Hispanics, Baptists and Mormons will all share government needles.

Be warned: a gun fight might break out. White women had better stay close to their husbands. It’ll get ugly. Understand that minorities are not your friends. Democrats have brainwashed them with class warfare. Whites owe them a living. My black relatives see whites as the problem. Gays and lesbians are your sons and daughters. Today it doesn’t matter but someday it will.


Black on White Violence


Republican Civil War: A painted woman debates a gay man over priorities.  A Tea Party Representative, being of no help, sides with Jezebel.  in 2012, the tea party lost four key committee appointments.


Christians overlook Tim Tebow’s hedonism yet God watches.  Tebow flocks to the liberal’s camera.  If he put that energy into football, he’d be a champion.

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