Brenda Buttner – Bulls & Bears 2

Posted by Gary Brian Cole

It’s easy to like Brenda Buttner. She’s intelligent and clearly understands financial markets. She’s tough and controls the men on her panel. Why she’d wear this dress on national television is baffling.

Putting aside that it’s a cocktail dress, exposing her large arms is fatal. She’s swollen and fleshy, like a great beast lurching over her desk. Someone should beg she stop.


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2 thoughts on “Brenda Buttner – Bulls & Bears

  • Ekomsnug

    Your screen is stretched out along the X-axis. She looks very different from this when I’ve seen her on Bulls & Bears.

    Anyway, there are some of us who prefer “healthy” women of “a certain age”. Brenda is rockin’ the cleavage very nicely here, as well.

    • admin Post author

      The issue isn’t with her looks or my TV. If she were to wear appropriate clothing, Brenda Buttner could be Treasury Secretary in another life. The Porn Age forces her into clothing meant for a Forever 21 type. Women may show cleavage without flopping out in front of the camera. She’s succeeded nonetheless and has a fan in both of us. I’ll tell her one thing and you another.