“Noah” Washes Out

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A purported vegan, Darren Aronofsky’s elite lifestyle is killing the planet. NASA blames elite consumption for the coming global calamity. I grew up with Bible stories. Adam and Eve and Moses followed me through childhood. Noah’s Ark was a Sunday school favorite. We’d gather around the teacher who read from […]



World’s Worst Fake Eyelashes Found

Post by Gary Brian Cole Death panel-bound Baby Boomers fuel Martha MacCallum’s 50-year-old attempt to arouse men. Born nineteen hundred and sixty-four

Iran’s Fundamental Transformation Bombs

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Segregated liberals poorly mock Pat Buchanan. After losing the 1996 presidential nomination to Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan threatened to “break” down the doors of the San Diego Republican convention. During a televised interview, he turned red and huffed and puffed. He meant what he said. If Pat were Cuban, he’d […]

Iran Stoning


Dogs Land on The Moon, NASA Elites Plot Social Justice

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Free after six months in jail, my stepbrother stopped by and as we talked about the drugs and contraband on the inside, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus played in the background. “Reggie” hasn’t been to the movies since the 1990s. Blacks from the hood don’t go to the show. He doesn’t own […]


Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Russia is the hated relative who arrives unannounced. He steals the remote control, eats all your food and fouls the air. Russia’s puny neighbors understand this truth more than anyone. Mother Russia bullies and intimidates, demanding undying allegiance to Moscow. No matter the current map, Russia believes its former republics […]

Get Your Obamaphone 2

Posted by Gary Brian Cole “Reggie,” my black stepbrother, has a 71-year-old mother who lives in a small house with her hospital bed set up in the living room. “Georgia” cleaned hospitals most of her life. She inhaled chemicals during the day and smoked after work. Today she has lung cancer and emphysema. Georgia receives […]

White Man's Burden

Saturday Morning Zoo

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Exleftist.com Saturday Morning Zoo: http://exleftist.com/category/saturday-morning-zoo/


Sjinkie Knegt

Welcome to Sochi

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Great Russia is a tortured land of despots, suffering and terrorists. Where else to hold the Olympics? The city of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai is home to the Winter Games beginning in February. Nestled in the Caucasus, Sochi began as a Muslim village. Russians warred for two centuries to capture […]

Good evening, gentlemen.

Fox Tarts On Parade

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Exleftist.com Fox Tarts: http://exleftist.com/category/fox-tarts/


Infrared Light Heals the Future

Posted by Gary Brian Cole 1927 New York Electrical Show “Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 0.7 and 300 micrometers, which equates to a frequency range between approximately 1 and 430 THz. The main danger of too much infrared to human beings is overheating. The radiations also cause dehydration, a depletion […]

Temple Cats

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Exleftist.com Saturday Morning Zoo http://exleftist.com/category/saturday-morning-zoo/


Global Warming Serves Up Just Desserts

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A polar vortex ravaging the Northeast is fitting. Whether it’s climate collapse or blame America first, most lies and crazy ideas hail from the East. Yankees smugly embrace global warming and attack those who question dismantling society. Easterners ignore that their own megalopolises are resource hogs of the highest order. […]

Turkey Hill


Mountain Pass

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Surveying the Pyrenees.

Winter Zoo

Posted by Gary Brian Cole “Some animals look as if they have narrowly made it through the winter, while others look healthy with their thick coats.” Exleftist.com Saturday Morning Zoo – http://exleftist.com/category/saturday-morning-zoo/


Camille Paglia Hates On Women, Gets in Line

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Anti-feminist feminist Camille Paglia wrote, “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” Paglia is a battle-hardened lesbian. She dominates men with a grizzled tongue; passive lesbians do whatever she says. She’s tough. In full disclosure, I have a cousin just like […]



SeaTac Socialist Demands $15 Minimum Wage, Woman Talks on Phone

Posted by Gary Brian Cole “There may be a few jobs lost here and there…” – Champagne Socialist Kshama Sawant, SeaTac Councilman-elect. Sawant fled poverty-stricken India and works to spread unemployed misery to the United States. SeaTac will become the automated city in America.


Christmas Frog

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A Cuban tree frog swallows a Christmas light after a bug lands on it.


Christmas 2013

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A Korean vet’s Christmas.

Visit Beautiful Pig Beach

Posted by Gary Brian Cole The pigs are said to have been dropped off on Big Major Cay by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them. The sailors, though, never returned; the pigs survived on excess food dumped from passing ships. One other legend has it that the pigs were […]


Kirsten Powers

Kirsten Powers Gets in Line

Posted by Gary Brian Cole White suckers embrace Obamacare. Feminist liberal Kirsten Powers is one of them. Until Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, Ms Powers lived the upper middle class life. She hopped from one news studio to the next, cashed big paychecks and took health insurance for granted. But not anymore. Kirsten held an […]

PHNWRC_Waiawa 512x219

Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, in close proximity to historic visitor attractions such as the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri, serves to protect some of the last remaining wetland areas on O‘ahu. While the units of this refuge are small, they are vital to endangered wildlife and sensitive habitats […]