Boo Hillary Clinton! Boo Elizabeth Warren!

Posted by Gary Brian Cole The fine arts caters to segregated Democrats: NO MINORITIES allowed. The Dallas art circle, with its string of large and small venues, is no exception. Dallas offers year-round musicals and plays for white liberals only. Last weekend, I visited the Kalita Humphreys Theater for an Uptown Players production, a troupe […]

Christmas Our Way

White Devil Democrats Killed Michael Brown, Police Innocent   Recently updated !

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Photo of the Year The week before Thanksgiving, I asked my black stepbrother about the Ferguson riots and before I finished speaking he said, “They got a right.” We stood outside his mother’s house. Normally thugs gather at the corner but the streets were empty. It was cold and the […]

Deep Regrets 2

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Kurdish Amazons

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American Ebola Stirs The Sleeping Giant

Posted by Gary Brian Cole I live 8.5 miles from Presbyterian Hospital, site of Dallas’ Ebola outbreak. The other day I went to see my black stepbrother, Reggie, who lives 10 minutes from my apartment. His mother answered the door. She unlocked the deadbolt and I knelt to pet her new dog, a tiny Chihuahua-mix […]


Obama Power Thing

ISIS Fundamentally Transforms The Obama Doctrine

Posted by Gary Brian Cole I stupidly believed in the Bush Doctrine, that as Americans we could nation build in a post-Vietnam era. We’d already rebuilt Europe and Asia, two continents responsible for most of the world’s misery. This was before Democrats adopted blame America first as their party platform. After September 11th, the Muslim […]


Michael Brown: Millennial Monster

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Democrats exploit blacks to incite social chaos. Everyone knows this. Today’s leftist has a potent new weapon: Millennial blacks. Al Sharpton says these monsters aren’t looters, they’re “liberators.” Segregated in Washington, Obama condemns the rioting but doesn’t mean it. Community organizers organize mayhem. Liberals forgive Michael Brown’s earlier theft and […]

Kirsten Powers Explores the Congo

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A bleached Kirsten Powers embarrasses all women. Proving herself dangerous, segregationist Kirsten Powers believes Americans must combat global poverty at home. Let them all in, she says. Powers dismisses America has always fed the underdog. We’ve conquered tyrants and rebuilt devastated nations. Americans are the most generous people in history. […]

Crazed Kirsten Powers

George Will Demands Tejanofication

Posted by Gary Brian ColeA charmed George Will enjoys segregation without realizing it. Lifetime segregationist George Will, filled with a pampered man’s hubris, said that the vato children stampeding America must be accepted and that’s that. He didn’t mention the adults and gang members riding shotgun. In his trademark haughty tone, Will claimed vatos could […]

George Will Segregationist


Israel’s Attack on Liberty

Posted by Gary Brian Cole My neighbor, a gay veteran who wears a Navy ball cap adorned with enamel pins, has bitter memories of Israel. As a young man he served aboard a spy ship positioned off West Africa. In June 1967, the crew was ordered to the Mediterranean just north of the Sinai. There […]

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Send Them Home

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Get Ready I live near Parkland Hospital in Dallas. A Parkland facility was first considered to house the illegal minors flooding America. These Central American children, reared on crime and savagery, are welcomed with open wallets. There’s no debate. Luckily Parkland was spared the onslaught. An abandoned school was chosen […]


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100 Latino

Greetings from New Chiapas

Posted by Gary Brian Cole “Maintain 100% Latino” – Cementing racial divisions, Kraft employs fair-skinned Latinos to sell macaroni on Univision, the nation’s fourth most watched network. I’ve always suffered Mexicans. Actually Mexican Americans. Being from New Mexico, I grew up pronouncing Spanish names and eating tacos. I attended majority Mexican schools. At times mine […]

Donald Sterling NAACP

Beyond The Thunderdome

Posted by Gary Brian Cole For white America, worshiping at the black altar is mandatory. This dumb faith is why Obama is president. Segregationists voted for a black man on TV. His radical past was a non-starter. Harry Reid called Obama, “light skinned” with no “Negro dialect.” As Senate majority leader, Reid speaks for Democrats. […]


Democrats Sentence Afghanistan to Death

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Traitor If Obama had ambition beyond revolution, he could have never imagined Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion. Not only is Bergdahl a deserter, his father is a white Islamic freak. The old man works to free Guantanamo terrorists and praises Allah from the Rose Garden. Obama and the Bergdahls are kindred souls. […]


God Save The VA

Posted by Gary Brian Cole The exorbitant costs of fighting half-wars. My grandfather wouldn’t allow bad-mouthing of the VA. He’d fought in Europe and on the trip over his appendix burst. The transport armada stopped and every ship waited until his surgery finished. This cemented his fondness for military care. Pop stayed healthy until the […]

Japan Fundamentally Transforms

Posted by Gary Brian ColeDie Chinese dogs! Japan is a warrior nation, a land of samurai and a blood and guts military. At least it was until America crushed them. Imperial Japan believed all of Asia Japanese territory. With its fanatical army, Japan conquered (among others) the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Guam, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, […]

Japan Coast Guard

Cliven Bundy vs. Cliven Bundy

Posted by Gary Brian Cole Federal Land I was driving home when the Waco standoff blew up. I missed the tanks roll in and fiery explosions. Like most I’d followed the story. David Koresh was a monster…a rapist of women and children. He’d fought gun feuds with rival cultists and stockpiled weapons. If not for […]

African Sons


“Noah” Washes Out

Posted by Gary Brian Cole A purported vegan, Darren Aronofsky’s elite lifestyle is killing the planet. NASA blames elite consumption for the coming global calamity. I grew up with Bible stories. Adam and Eve and Moses followed me through childhood. Noah’s Ark was a Sunday school favorite. We’d gather around the teacher who read from […]